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LEARN MORE ABOUT our editing services for:
~Cover letters and resumes
~Business documents
~Adult and children's books
~Academic papers and more...

Dear families of middle school students (6th or 7th  grade):


Will you be completing high school applications in the fall? Do you want the absolute BEST options available for your family? We can help! We are educational consultants who counsel families through the high school application process.  Contact us now for a FREE 15 min. consultation. We'd love to have you as a client, but whether you sign up for services or not, allow us to give you some tips and resources to help you be successful in the process. 




A  multiservice publishing and communications company that creates high-quality, innovative, research-based products serving the international, multilingual community.


By promoting literacy in the mothertongue, Dimonet Connect Publishing LLC develops unique, engaging materials that support early literacy, family bonding and access to education for speakers of diverse dialects, creoles and indigenous languages.



Loving Language Readers™ by Dimonet Connect Publishing LLC take the guessing game out of family literacy and bring research-based reading strategies directly to the community. Learn more...


Se yon liv bileng: Anglè ak kreyòl!

Liv pou lektè ki renmen li ™ Edisyon Dimonèt Konèk (Dimonet Connect Publishing) pibliye a retire tout devinèt nan kesyon lekti an fanmi gras ak prensip lekti ki chita sou rechèch ki fèt e li mete a dispozisyon kominote a.



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