Are there any neighborhood schools that will prepare my child for college and careers? How do we apply to specialized, selective, or charter schools? Are there all-girls or all-boys schools that we can apply to? Are private schools affordable? 

We set up a time to meet in-person for up to 2 hours to discuss school options, extra-curricular programs, and anything else of your choice. 

DELIVERABLES: Based on our discussion and other information that you give us, we send you a list of recommended schools and after-school or summer programs that could be a good fit for you.

High School Placement: One Time In-Person Meeting

$105.00 Regular Price
$94.50Sale Price
    • FULL PAYMENT is due upon receipt of invoice, sent within the first week of services.  
    • PARTIAL PAYMENTS are available as follows:
      • Retainer: 50% of the total payment is due prior to the in-person meeting
      • The remaining balance is due upon receipt of invoice for completed hours. 
      • Customers must select the PayPal option upon checkout. 

    *We are committed to providing exceptional, timely, and friendly service. 
    *Your personal and identifying information is treated confidentially. 
    *Formal or ongoing contracts are available; feel free to ask. 

    To receive the best service, please: 

    *Provide us with all academic, financial and social information upon request.
    *Schedule and attend all meetings and workshops during a mutually-agreed on time and location. 
    *Follow-up on requests to obtain information from school personnel.

    Our aim is to keep the control of your child's high school application process in your hands. We do this by: 

    *Carefully listening to your priorities and providing you with updated, valid information on a wide range of school choices and enrichment programs

    *Informing you of deadlines in advance  
    *Requesting more information when required 


    Please pay as soon as possible via Paypal or major credit card. Partial payments are honored in accordance with the terms specified. Overdue invoices accrue an additional 5% charge on the balance due, per month. Repeated late payments will terminate the payment plan and suspend remaining counseling services. Dimonet Connect Publishing LLC retains the right to cancel any service plan because of delinquency, or any manner of unprofessional, threatening, or obscene behavior on the part of clients.  In the event that services are cancelled, payment will be owed for all services rendered up to the date of suspension or cancellation.    


    We normally use emails as the service contract between you and us. However, if you would like something more comprehensive, please ask. We have a detailed, formal contract that can be adapted to your needs. 


    We provide counseling recommendations and advice in good faith and to improve school placement outcomes according to our experience. We do our best to provide each family with the most support possible. However, due to the nature of this work, we cannot guarantee outcomes of any kind for schools, extracurricular programs, after school programs, scholarships, or summer programs. Moreover, we are not responsible for omissions or errors in clients' personal documents or in official school records. Please check all documents carefully before submitting applications. 


    Dimonet Connect Publishing LLC (DCP) guarantees the highest quality service, even if we are unable to guarantee outcomes. Since time and human capital resources are reserved for all consulting projects, services are non-cancelable, and DCP will not issue a refund. However, services may be postponed, delayed, and rescheduled for later dates without penalty and without time limit. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read the terms and conditions, and we look forward to working with you!