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We provide a thorough review of writing for corrections in punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, word choice, and overall coherence. In addition, we suggest changes to text organization, diction, tone, and sentence variation as they impact audience and readability. Decisions are aligned with the Chicago Manual of Style. (NOTE: Prices indicated are hourly. Please refer to your project quote for the total number of hours to select. For example, selecting a quantity of 3 means that we quoted you three hours for the project, and it will cost $210 total at checkout.)

*Includes all creative writing genres, academic writing, and websites
* up to 1200 words / hour

Substantive Line Editing

$70.00 Regular Price
$63.00Sale Price
    • FULL PAYMENT is due upon receipt of invoice, sent within the first week of services.  
    • PARTIAL PAYMENTS are available as follows:
      • Retainer: 50% of the total payment is due prior to the start of the editing project.
      • The remaining balance is due upon receipt of invoice for completed hours. 
      • Customers must select the PayPal option upon checkout. 

    *We are committed to providing exceptional, timely, and friendly service. 
    *Your work is treated confidentially. 
    *Formal or ongoing contracts are available; feel free to ask. 

    Please note: 
    *We will take every possible care with your work. 
    *The author is responsible for the accuracy of information. 
    **Please see limitation of liability, listed below** 

    To receive the best service, please: 

    *Book your job in advance so we can allocate enough time for the job. 
    *Provide us with a sample of the document. 
    *Be available to answer any questions that arise. 

    Our aim is to keep the control of your document in your hands. We do this by: 

    *Using your preferred style manual (if available). Otherwise, we will use the Chicago Manual of Style. 
    *Following your instructions carefully 
    *Requesting more information when required 


    We provide estimates and quotes on all work, if a sample of the document is provided. An estimate is the approximate amount of time we believe it will take to complete the services required, based on word count and including one complete edit and/or proofread, depending on your requirements. Once we have started editing, if we believe the price will exceed the estimate by more than 25%, we will let you know in advance. If additional requests are made after we have started editing, the price will change accordingly. 

    Fixed quotes are only available on submission of a document that is no longer being amended and is ready for us to edit or proofread it. Estimates can be upgraded to a quote on receipt of the final version of the document. 


    Please pay as soon as possible, or by the 20th of the month following invoice date via Paypal or major credit card. 
    Overdue invoices accrue an additional 5% charge on the balance due, per month. 


    We normally use emails as the editorial contract between you and us. However, if you would like something more comprehensive, please ask. We have a detailed, formal contract that can be adapted to your needs. 


    We provide editing suggestions and advice in good faith and to improve documents according to our experience. We do our best to eliminate as many errors from your document as possible. However, due to the nature of this work, we cannot guarantee perfection, and we are not responsible for omissions or errors in clients' documents. Please check all documents carefully before publication. 

    If you have any doubts about the content or legality of your document (for example, issues to do with libel, slander, plagiarism, copyright infringement, due credit), we recommend that you raise this with your organization, and/or contact your lawyer for legal advice. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement or related matters. 


    Dimonet Connect Publishing LLC (DCP) guarantees the highest quality service, even if we are unable to guarantee outcomes. Since time and human capital resources are reserved for all consulting projects, services are non-cancelable, and DCP will not issue a refund. However, services may be postponed, delayed, and rescheduled for later dates without penalty and without time limit. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read the terms and conditions, and we look forward to working with you!

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