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“...the Loving Language Readers contain uplifting stories ...thoughtful activities... that are also motivational to young readers...”


-John Baugh, Margaret Bush Wilson Professor in Arts and Sciences, Washington University
in St. Louis

“Wonderful to see this book, and this series, which, in focusing on…the Kreyòl that children already speak fluently…will not only help them to read better, but to love themselves and their schooling more! ”


-John R. Rickford, J.E. Wallace Sterling Professor of Humanities Dept of Linguistics, Stanford University

“By grounding her love-work in modern day science and research, Mrs. Martin-Thelusca has performed a skillful act of community empowerment...”


-Michel Alexendre Sacha Vington, M.D., Founder and CEO, VAYA Institute—The Human Potential Company

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